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Updated: Jan 18, 2023

The festive season began on the 23rd of December, The Wurlitzers ended their last Christmas performance with the best crowd at The Gateway Holiday Park in Bynea Llanelli!

Despite the coldness outside, the audience brought the warmth… and that was before the band started!! The crowd was energetic and danced the night away, especially one lad who danced the night away, he gave our Kris a run for his money- and Kris has learnt a move or two! He tipped Kris with his lucky pound, and it will be the bands lucky charm for the next year.

Approaching New Years Eve we'd had some beauty sleep ready to perform for you all at The Diplomat Hotel in Llanelli, saying hello to 2023 with you all The Wurlitzers hoped they put on the best show of the year for you!

From the amazing bar staff to the wonderful waiters and other staff, the band could see the amount of love and passion the Diplomat staff had- it was a pleasure to play! With a delicious 6 course meal and the resident DJ making sure everyone’s New Year’s Eve extra special, we were excited to play!

The Wurlitzers took the stage with high energy sets, and as always focused on the 50s rock n roll all the way to modern pop anthems!

Without the energy from the crowd it would not be the same! Thank you to all who attended and more importantly dancing along with us long after Big Ben had chimed!

We are ever so grateful for the continued support that we get from all of you wonderful people. We are open to enquiries for any bookings from the big occasions to the more intimate smaller settings for 2023!!

Kristen Smith on vocals, Darren Schmeyz on guitar and Aled Richards on drums left 2022 with one of the best shows we have seen last year, we all look forward to the next year!

And lucky for you lot, we will be back with Prosecco Fest in Winchester on the 13th and 14th of January!

Happy new year all!

Thank you for your continuous support!

See you all in the new year! ——————————-

The Wurlitzers xx

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