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Friday the 13th......

It was an eerie morning on Friday the 13th on the route to Winchester Festival my Spidey Sense was on high alert as I went to collect Mr Darren Shmeyz the bands latest addition as our guitarist!

After a pleasant drive we met with a familiar face the wonderful Gareth Davies and an old new member as Aled our latest drummer was off to perform with the Theatre.

Arriving at the Guild Hall, I sat in the car as Darren trekked three flights of stairs to back stage.

I was reminiscing about the old stage that was there for my last performance which had be ripped out, thinking of a shrunken platform in it's place I was told that the stage was still there! Only down side.... it was a totally different venue I was thinking of.

The stage was set, the light were blaring and the doors were due to open at 6:30 to give everyone a chance to wet their whistle before getting up to the dance floor.

7:30 we went to the stage. to great applause having played in Winchester several times since starting our JR and Prosecco journey in 2017.

In 2021 I had a bit of an accident in the area... without going into too much detail I had a great balls of fire moment, but powered through the weekend nonetheless!

Another member who was struggling with his Superstition wouldn't let Kris sing it so Stevie Wonder took a back foot to some new numbers starting from the 90's with Britney Spears, Ricky Martin and a touch of George Ezra's Green Green Grass.

After having a modern moment we made our way back to the eighties with living on a prayer.

After a fantastic show the crowd in their hands we finished the night with the one; the only; YMCA with Kris managing to be the Policeman, Sailor, Builder, Cowboy and the Red Indian all in one with his usual flare.

As our favourite encore we ended with the amazing Don't Stop Me now which has everything the dancing, the swaying, the power singing.

Finally, the staff from the shows finished up and went for a party. Us? We happily went to bed to prepare to do the whole thing again twice over except this time with Superstition ready to go for the 14th.

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